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Our Advanced Planning Advisory Group is a team of trustworthy Attorneys, CPAs, Investment & Lending Advisors, and Professional Consultants.  That specialize in Integrated Strategic Planning, based on your specific needs and goals to grow your business.

Our seasoned team of professionals are the right fit for you, your family and business.

A.I. Accounting Software & Live Accountant Services

Just mention Credit iQ And receive a FREE customized tax reduction report, a FREE entity strategy review, and a FREE LLC or Corporation


Reduce Accounting Costs by 82%
A.I. Accounting Software
Live Accounting Services
Eliminate Bookkeeping Headaches
Automated Invoices
Custom Legal Tax Tips
A.I. IRS Safety & Deductibility Tests
Dodge Tax Bullets with A.I.
Daily Cash Flow Projections
Projected Cash Flow Alerts
A.I. Automated Minutes & Resolutions
Conquer Compliance
Increased Bottom-line with A.I.
A.I. Performance Analysis & Recommendations
Unlimited Companies
Make business a little less taxing
All completed in the U.S.A

Lending ( 10 k – 10 Mil )
Legal ( BK, Tax, Real Estate, Corp, Business Formation LLC- S & C Corp, Wills & Trusts )
Business Consulting ( Corporate Bootcamp Workshops & Strategy)

Lending Advisors: Need capital to grow your business?

Business Funding

Term Loans
· $10,000 to $10 Million
· Expand or acquire a business
· Refinance existing debt, working capital

Lines of Credit
· Unsecured up to $100,000
· Secured up to $500,000
· Whatever your plans are a small business line of credit gives you fast, flexible access to the cash you need, when you need it.

Equipment Financing

· $25,000 to more than $50 million
· Cars, trucks and vans
· Computers and other technology
· Construction equipment and heavy machinery
· Industrial machines and tools
· Medical equipment
· Office equipment, furniture and fixtures

Business and Personal Unsecured Lines of Credit and Credit Cards

· $25,000 to $150,000
· 0% introductory rates up to 21 months!
· No collateral required
· Startup business – OK

Personal Loans, Lines of Credit and Credit Cards

Term Loans
· 5-100K
· Terms 24-144 Months

Lines of Credit
· $25,000 to $500,000
· Unsecured and Secured

Credit Cards
· $500-$25,000
· 0% introductory rates up to 21 months!

Attorney / Advisors: Need a Seasoned Pro to help you with legal issues?

Legal Support

Bankruptcy Law ( Chapter 7, 11 & 13 )
Tax Law ( State & Federal )
Real Estate Law
Corporate Law
Business Formations ( S Corp, C Corp, LLC )
Formation of Wills & Trusts

Business Consulting Services: Take your business to the next level. Need a Seasoned Pro to help you and your employees grow your business?

Personalized Coaching

Pursuing success? Want to achieve massive gains? Hopeful in developing a valuable product or a rewarding business? Let us help you.

We love working with professionals in diverse organizations, including corporate and nonprofit firms.

We help you establish meaningful goals and achieve remarkable gains. Entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, financiers, transportation and utilities agency leads, technology founders, educational administrators and many other industry champions use our services to advance their agendas.

Who are we? We are a team of multi-disciplinary business management consultants providing executive coaching, financial services, strategic planning and a suite of creative services, including print and digital communications.

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