What Our Clients Have to Say

I Got My Life Back On Track

* 6 months ago before I meet Credit iQ I had a 500 credit score
* I was drowning in debt and had filed a bankruptcy.
* Within six months Credit iQ got my credit score up to the high 700s.
* Payments I can afford.
* I bought a new home.
* I got my life back. ~ Michelle Parker

Average Point Increase 100 Points

"Six months ago my client had a foreclosure with a 500 credit score, I didn't think that there was any way to get a home loan. I sent them to CreditiQ.org. I got quarterly updates on the new and improved scores. Six months later we were able to get a contract ratified with the seller. And the loan has been approved. And we closed escrow." ~Marcos Rios, Mortgage Banker

Credit Score & Financial Coaching: Your Past Is Not Your Potential

"I have Responsibility as a father and husband to give good advice and wise council. I also have the same responsibility as a Pastor to my church congregants. In this tough economy its tough to find hope. Its also tough to find great service with great service. With Credit iQ you get both. I've personally used Credit iQ. I have excellent feedback from my congregation. Your Past is not your potential. I encourage you to use Credit iQ." ~Pastor Darin Anderson

They Work Miracles

"My Clients Can Buy Homes Faster & Realize Their Financial Goals Sooner With Credit iQ Then They would have Been Able To Without Them" ~Larry Spiteri, Real Estate Broker

I Feel Like I Got A Nordstroms Experience

"I did 3 hours coaching. I was very impressed. They were knowledgeable and thought out of the box. They answered every question I asked them. They were very friendly and wanted to help. I feel like I got a Nordstroms experience. I feel good about the education and learning all my options and the direction my clients and I going." ~Tim Fiebig, Real Estate Broker

No Longer A Slave To Debt

"Pastors- What can Credit iQ do for you and your church. I believe it so important that we teach our people to be good stewards. When I see my people being served and helped in a realm I'm not an expert in. Its lifts a burden off of me. It lets me know we have good people that are willing to help and take care of the flock in a way that is not my expertise. I encourage you to think about having Credit iQ to your congregation." ~ Pastor Darin Anderson

10 Extra Home Loans Closed In The Last 12 Months

"My real estate agents wouldn't have had a happy client or a closed escrow, if I hadn't sent their clients to Credit iQ." ~Marcos Rios, Mortgage Banker

A New Home Owner And A Client For Life

"The coaching and response time is always positive feedback. I'm constantly updated when my client is ready to become a new home owner." ~ David Darby, Real Estate Agent

They Have A Wonderful And Unique Business Model

"Corporate Culture is one of compassion, ethics and a fiduciary duties. And making sure there is a level of trust. They make me feel like my needs are of the upmost importance. But the one that stood out the most for me was compassion. If you have things that are bringing your credit score down. They have expertise, knowledge and business model to vastly improve your credit score." ~ Daniel Burke, Mortgage Loan Officer

I Have Used Credit iQ For Over 20 Years

"They have built a company around people helping people that need help. And giving someone a hand up when they need it the most. They make you feel that everything is going to be ok. And there are many times in our life when we just need someone to tell us everything is going to be ok with good advice. I have brought their staff into my real estate offices to do credit coaching and counseling, not only for my agents but also for their clients on either how to use the services Credit iQ offers or to show clients how to maximize wealth they have already." ~Carolyn Hastings, Real Estate Broker

Community & Faith Based Organizations

"Financial Help For the People You Serve. The work they do will change people lives. When People are doing well financially they are free to give more and to care more about other things." ~Ron Pinkston

The Technology With Their Computer Systems Is Absolutely Amazing

"I felt they were obviously very knowledgeable and have been doing this a long time.They had detailed information on each and every creditor I was dealing with. Their follow up is keeping me on track with the plan they made for me. It was amazing the amount of detail they went Into with me." ~Larry Spiteri, Real Estate Broker

Short Sales And Foreclosures Real Estate Solutions

"I have used Credit iQ personally and professionally. I recommend my clients to discuss all their options and their financial situation, so they can make the best decisions and achieve the best possible outcome. And they feel comfortable with them and now moving forward with me as their realtor." ~ Ann Rosser, Real Estate Agent

Credit iQ Helped US See Things We Could Have Never Discovered On Our Own

"I wish every person had access to Credit IQ. They have been a personal Blessing to my wife Susan and I. We are now on track to pay off our cars and home early and retire at an early age. If money is beating you up, if your losing that battle. You want to get back on top. And you want inject some hope back into that part of your life. Credit iQ will make a huge difference. Probably for the rest of your life. Something you don't want to pass up." ~Ron Pinkston

500 Credit Scores 6 Months Ago Now A Home Owner

"I didn't think there was any way to get this home loan. 6 months later escrow closed. Low down payment loan 3.5% down. The payment was comfortable. Now these people will keep this house for the rest of their life." ~Marcos Rios, Mortgage Banker

Business Owner Getting A 150 K Line Of Credit Creating More Opportunity For My Business

"With the Credit iQ edge it helped enormously. It worked out really well for me." ~Pat Maguire

I Filed Bankruptcy, Lost My Home & A Multi Million Dollar Project

"I thought I would never be able to re-establish myself or own a home again or anything. But I was smart enough to come see my friends at Credit iQ. I would have had to pay taxes on that money too. If it wasn't for their help I wouldn't have been able to also set up my non- profit charity, summer for kids. And going to leave this as my legacy. This is the one place that has performed for me and they have proven themselves." ~Pat Maguire

My Customer Service Experience With Immediate Response Time

"When I send a referral over its immediate responses across the board. My response time is same day and get a return call. Which gives me and my customers a great experience. I only deal with professionals." ~Marcos Rios, Mortgage Banker

Not Having To File Bankruptcy

"You didn't get into trouble over night so its going to take a little while to get out of trouble. But the nice thing is there's light at the end of the tunnel and your going to enjoy your day in the sun your going to be able to have a lucrative life. Not have to file the bankruptcy. Not have to short sale your home. Not owing the IRS and having attorneys going after you. With coming to Credit iQ, they can help restore your credit and your lifestyle." ~Pat Maguire

Bankruptcy, Tax, CPA & Legal Solutions

"I previously had gone through 4 other attorneys. There attorneys gave me information no other attorneys could give me with solutions And I walked out of their office on cloud 9. I feel very good about the entire process. Thankfully they are representing me. They have professionals that can help with bankruptcy law, tax law, CPA's & judicial situations. They give excellent advice." ~Tim Fiebig, Real Estate Broker

Credit Scores Effect Your Income & Employment

"I'm so satisfied with Credit iQ I have sent family members, professional friends of mine and clients. I'm thrilled with their service." ~Ann Rosser, Real Estate Agent

What Could Your Church Do With A Debt Free Congregation

"What kind of outreach could your church do if your congregation was debt free. Have the Credit iQ team come to your congregation." ~Pastor Darin Anderson

Minor And Major Issues On Credit Reports

"On a Foreclosure & short sale with my client in a matter of months, they were able to get their scores back up in the 700's. And they were able to get over 200 k in debt forgiven for my client. I have referred many clients over the years to Credit iQ." ~Carolyn Hastings, Real Estate Broker

I Brought Them Into My Company As An Employee Benefit Lunch & Learn

I thought it was going to be a very general guide to follow. But it was amazing how detailed they are. We don't know what we don't know. After 18 years in the business. I thought I knew all there was to know. I didn't realize how powerful there message was and how much they accomplished in such a short time. I'm so satisfied I recommend them to my employees, family, friends and clients too. They deliver exactly what they promise they would do. And I'm proud to be associated with them. ~ Larry Spiteri, Real Estate Broker

I Learned What I Should And Shouldn't Do

"The coaching taught me what I should and shouldn't do to maximize my score." ~Mortgage Banker

18 Years In The Real Estate Business I'm Proud To Be Associated With Credit IQ

"18 Years In The Real Estate Business I'm Proud To Be Associated With Credit IQ. I thought I knew everything there was to know about credit. Until I meet Credit IQ. I even send my family members to them." ~ Larry Spiteri, Real Estate Broker

Financial Ministry Workshop

If you or your church is dealing with a financial crisis. It will make a difference in your life and your congregation. This is your shot. Go for it. ~ Ron Pinkston, Foursquare Central Pacific District Supervisor

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