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Forensic Credit Restoration, Bankruptcy Tax & Legal Solutions, Debt Settlement & Elimination, Credit & Financial Planning Strategies

Video: Industry Insider information. What's going on in the Real Estate, Lending & Markets:

How to give clients peace of mind where the market is going. This is worth your time to watch entire video.

An over-simplified explanation: 7 min

Indepth explanation: 1 hour

How to prepare your clients for our call

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Grace at Credit iQ, will contact you to schedule a Lenders Score Coaching Session to enhance your scores. To save money on mortgage financing, auto loans, credit cards and insurance premiums.

I have negotiated a discount for you on the Credit & Financial Coaching System. Normally $300. You pay only $50, this includes your significant other.

It includes up to 3 hours of coaching and a copy of a lenders report with the real credit scores. You will receive a Harvard Education on everything Credit & Lending.

They will keep me updated every step of the way, so I know when your ready for funding.

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