Many of us shop almost exclusively now with ATM and Credit Cards. Some clerks in those stores have found a way to shop on line using YOUR credit card! Here’s how they do it. When you hand them your credit card, they swipe it and then put it on the counter beside the cash register, just out of your view.

While you are waiting for your transaction to be ‘approved,’ they set their cell phone beside it and take a picture. With this picture, they now have your name, credit card number, expiration date, and what kind of credit card it is, you know, master card, visa, and so on. This is really bad news.

Now they can go online and buy items with your credit card, or sell your information to other on-line thieves. Your thinking, ‘But they don’t have the 3 digit verification number from the back of your card?’ There are thousands of on-line stores that will gladly charge your credit card with only the information from the front of your card.

The solution is simple. Keep an eye on your card at all times! Work only with stores where you scan the card yourself!

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