Truth is that our American currency in hand can not be used to buy real property.

Unless your funds are in binary code in some bank somewhere,  topped off with a great lenders score.  In almost all circumstances home ownership is not available to you.  Currency is pretty much only good for toys for grownups,  fast food bills and a tank of gas.

If currency based home ownership is your personal strategy.  What is commonly called a Lease Purchase may be a great option for you.  I would start depositing currency into a bank account immediately in about 2,000 dollars a week for 50 weeks. I would see if the sellers you speak to would be interested in a lease purchase with you for 1 year with about 5k in earnest money that you get made into a certified fund from your cash savings.  Then close on the house with a loan that you get from a lender.   The myriad of rules that go into today’s home buying can be discouraging, but try not to lose hope.

If you would like some advice on the very effective option of Lease Purchase.  Please give us a ring, and enjoy a two hour expert consulting with us.  Allow us to expertly explore and remove the barriers to your dreams.