Our Ongoing Credit and Financial Coaching
Sessions will give you the foundation to financial freedom.

We help you reach your credit goals faster


Our programs are custom designed for each client

Our coaching systems are some of the most effective, advanced & comprehensive with clients globally: US, EU & Canada

Whether you’re a seasoned financial pro, or just starting out your credit journey

We can help you reach your goals faster.

With a strong emphasis on building Wealth through Homeownership & Real Estate investments

Key Benefits from our coaching

  • What to do if you have a 350-740 Credit Score / or not enough tradelines
  • Want to obtain a 770+ Score. (Best % rates for most funding)
  • Want to learn how to build / enhance / optimize / maintain credit scores
  • Receive faster approval times for loans and low % rates with affordable payments
  • Get out of debt faster and start saving money for investments and retirement
  • Reduce stress & anxiety over finances
  • Increase Income. Better employment opportunities. (Many employers now look at credit scores for risk assessment for hiring & promoting within)

Our team has Expert Credit, Lending & Financial knowledge. We design and tailor packages just for you, your family & your business. We have one of the most full service, comprehensive packages that you can trust in the industry.

Our average clients can save EST: $600 – $1,000+ per month in % charges

Average savings $300 – $600 per month. (income 100k or less per year)
Average savings $600 – $1000+ per month. (income 100k or more+ per year)

Once we have achieved a 740-770 Credit Score. We will teach you…

  • How & when to negotiate interest rates to save money. (Insider tips)
  • Refinance or receive lower % rates on home loans
    Example: 30 yr 300k loan- 770 credit score
  • Average savings having 770 score vs 620 score-you will save average $290 per month= $3400 per year= total savings over life of 30 year loan $104k

With 620 credit score on a 300k loan you could be paying a extra $104,000 over the next 30 years

How much does it cost you to have a low FICO score?

Use the calculator below and find out how much can you save?

Learn how to become a your own credit Guru with a 770 credit score:

  • Negotiate Credit Cards to 9.9% fixed rates & eliminate debt. Average savings of $75 per month
  • Negotiate New Auto Loans to 0% rate. Average savings of $175 per month on a 25k loan
  • Negotiate Insurance policies: car, home, life, business. Average savings of $75 per month
  • Secrets of getting credit card annual fees waived
  • How many credit cards do I need and how old should they be
  • How often should I use my credit cards & how much should I charge maximum
  • Is a zero balance best on my credit cards and report
  • If I open or close a credit card will it hurt my score
  • Do inquiries hurt my score, how much & how long
  • What frequency do creditors report data to the bureaus
  • What day of the year is it best to buy a new car to get the best price & save thousands
  • 5 Reasons Why Your First Home Should be an Investment Property
  • What months of the year are best to buy Real Estate to get the best deal
  • Understand lending guidelines: For faster approval times
  • And much more…

What you and your significant other will receive:

  • A private web meeting in the comfort of your home or office
  • Personalized Coaching from trained professionals you can trust
  • Detailed customized action plan to achieve your goals
  • How Credit Scores really work (What Fico does not tell you)
  • Wealth Building Knowledge you can use for life

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