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CiQ helped me move out of my van and back of the gallery and garage that I had to stay in after Chapter 13 within 3 years I was a multiple home owner in San Ramon and Maui a multimillionaire within 10 years and able to care for my parents for 7 years without having to work and enjoy that God given blessing I would have never known. So I lay my head on my pillow ever night and thank Jesus for this.

Pat Maguire

Director at Art Angel Foundation

I have known the CiQ team for nearly 10 years. Back in 2004, we hired their company for credit repair and he successfully brought our scores up 150 points! CiQ has now expanded more into financial services. My company is proud to refer our investor clients to their company to better understand how to improve their credit.

Kathy Fettke

Co - CEO of Real Wealth Network

CiQ is a talented and seasoned team of credit and financial counseling with a rare combination of people skills, educational abilities, and business savvy. I’m lucky to have worked with CiQ early on in my life where they put me through credit education courses. The information I learned helped me achieve a credit score of over 750! CiQ has 28+ years of experience, and the team was not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in their clients personal growth. I happily recommend CiQ to friends, family, colleagues, and anyone in my network whenever I have the opportunity. They will add tremendous value to improving your financial health.

Melisa Yatman

Sr. Director of HR & Operations

I first met the CiQ team a few months ago at an industry meeting. Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to refer a few clients to them, to assist with their financial health. They were very impressed with the CiQ team’s level of knowledge, guidance in their financial journey, and caring for them as individuals. The CiQ team of advisors have been trained admirably and all have the same high level of expertise and concern for each client’s needs. I strongly recommend starting with this company to work through any financial issues, whether for your business or personal.

Melisa Yatman

Sr. Director of HR & Operations

The CiQ team is a credit score genius. After the first consultation I knew that they cared, they were absolutely a subject matter expert and they would follow through. Less than six weeks into the process my credit score jumped 100 points. They found things I didn't know were on my report and that the regular bureaus don't show you. Their advice, guidance and credit clean up have been a lifesaver! I feel confident now that home ownership is in my very near future.

Kalen M.

Branding and Communications Strategist

Working with Credit iQ is a game changer for my husband and I. Their knowledge guided us to learn things no one ever taught you in school about credit scores, credit cards and financial wellness. Since the 2008 financial downturn, we lost most of our financial security blanket like many others and since then have been recreating our livelihoods - in a really positive climb! There was still some blips in our credit scores which CiQ illuminated in a big way! Thank you! I highly recommend CiQ on your financial advisory team!

Carol Benson, M.A.

Conscious Business Strategist

CiQ is the premier company to go to for credit awareness and repair! As a loan consultant and business banker for many years, I recommended every client in need of credit training to their team for their expert advice. Look forward to recommending many more to their care! Thank you for everything CiQ team.

Khary Peterson

Chief Financial Officer

I'm grateful for Credit iQ’s services which helped clean up my credit and push me from around 650 to an 800+ score. The ROI was quickly realized by lower rates on future car purchases, and a recent home purchase. The CiQ team is also very valuable for providing helpful hints on how to maintain and continuously improve your score, other than simply paying on time. I highly recommend them for those looking for coaching on how credit scoring works, and to improve your score.

John Morton

Sr. Enterprise Architect

The CiQ team helped my wife and I first about 10 years ago when we were looking to purchase a home and get a loan. I had a less than perfect credit history that was weighing me down and limiting my options with credit. At first I was a little nervous because I had some reservations on the effectiveness of credit repair. I went ahead with the program and followed the advice that was given and in a very short amount of time began to see positive results. This got me hooked and I got excited whenever I received an email from CiQ. Every time we got an email, our scores were better, even my wife's score was going up and she had great credit already. In the end, we achieved the goals that were set and bought a house. The second time that we worked with the CiQ team was a little different. The economy was in bad shape with the banking problems, etc...I lost my job and my wife was working less because we had 2 kids at this point in our lives. Bottom line, we lost our home and our credit was in bad shape. We bounced back pretty fast, but by then it was too late to reverse things. In the true spirt of a comeback, I contacted CiQ to work on our credit. Again, the same things that happened the first time, started happening again. Our credit scores improved and as we followed their team’s advice, positive results were noticed. We have not gotten back into real estate quite yet, but now that our credit is back to where it needs to be, we can look forward to home ownership once again. Overall, I would strongly recommend the CiQ team and the services they provide. There is a small investment in the beginning, but the return on that investment has saved us more ten times as much in interest fees and costs associated with having credit lines. I hope this helps others in their desire for better credit and the benefits it affords

Peter Hutcheson

Mobile Display Advertising and Digital Marketing

As I sit in my new home, I wanted to talk a moment to acknowledge the fantastic job that the CiQ team did for our family. Just a short year ago, I came to them as a hardship case. Tons of debt, lots of negative credit and seemingly out of options for ever owning a home again. Through their tough love and the heroics of the entire team, they worked wonders with my credit. More importantly, they personally dedicated time and effort in discussing options and educating me on the solid foundations of both debt and financial management. The result was qualifying and buying a brand new home a mere 14 months from our first phone call. Thank you and God bless this wonderful team. My new goal is to help others as CiQ has helped me. James Williams USMC Ret.

James Williams

Corporate Program Manager

Before I worked for CiQ I thought I knew how credit scores worked, I found out I didn't know anything about credit and how to manage a higher score in the 800's. It's amazing what they don't tell you even on the FICO website it's so misleading. I can see why Credit IQ has been in business for over 21 years. They run a tight operation and consistently produce amazing results for the many referrals I have sent them. They also give amazing insight on many fronts such as what to do if my house is upside down, whether to keep it and not be in a negative equity position, how to wipe away bad debt from short sales foreclosures, bankruptcies with lien striping and tax advice and insight what to do that so many people need right now. They are a wonderful team. Professional, helpful and I wish I still lived there and could be a part of this wonderful team again. CiQ is a wonderful company.

Jill Carr

Financial Services Professional

From the moment I met the CiQ team I knew I could trust them. Their aura of positivity is contagious. Very professional and proactive. Personally I used their services to help clients and my own family members. They take the time out of the day to walk through and explain their process, coaches and teaches everyone instead of just providing services. As a Realtor they are an essential part of my business now.

Kacper Turek

Professional Realtor

The CiQ team took us from renting in mold ridden apartment with two constantly breaking down cars to buying a condo and two new cars in less than a year - and I thought there was no hope! The team is fantastic and they review everything with you on your credit score and make it understandable and easy to digest. They give you homework and keeps picking away at your credit score to increase it. As a busy professional and mom, I find it hard to pay attention to my own financial needs - as I solve others tax and financial problems during the day - so nice to have someone working for me who cares and gives 110% commitment! Thank you so much CiQ! We will keep working with you to continue to move forward to reaching and exceeding our personal financial goals with creditworthiness! They gave us tips and tricks that make all the difference! Don't hesitate! Really, don't hesitate! Call CiQ today!

Alexia Cloutier


If anyone needs a Credit Coaching & Restoration profession, I highly recommend the Credit IQ. The team was introduced to me from my loan officers, as I am in Real Estate, and their work is very thorough, efficient, they do what they said they'll do and extremely knowledgeable in what they're doing!

Nina Kim

Realtor, GRI, CDPE, EcoBroker

CiQ was able to successfully navigate a very challenging negotiation(s) with a Bank that is notoriously difficult to deal with. They went "above and beyond" to help me out...very impressive!

Greg McCarty

Company Director

The CiQ team were a fantastic asset for my mortgage business. Their services allowed me to assist my clients and direct them on how to improve their credit financial situation. CiQ is driven to improve client's financials by outlining a course of action where they will continually follow-up with you in order to reach your desired result. I would utilize CiQ’s expertise before moving forward towards a desired financial goal.

Celeste Martino

Senior Lending Officer

CiQ comes with my highest recommendations. They are always looking for new ideas to assist their clients. I admire them for their creative work and their willingness to "give first". You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with CiQ as I have.

Carl White

Chief Officer

I have hired CiQ's team to take care of my financials, and they well exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail, and their pro-active stance, show in their many successful partnerships. CiQ's continued dedication to their clients and staff, show in their attitude, and commitment to getting the best, and being the best !!! Thanks CiQ. !!!

Matthew R. Box

Food and Beverage Consultant

I have worked with CiQ on multiple occasions and always had great results. The CiQ Team is very professional and truly know their business. Through the use of his services, my clients and I have saved thousands of dollars.

Tomas Stockl


CiQ has provided my clients excellent credit repair and instruction to improve credit ratings and maintenance for better interest rates. Proven winners!

Timothy Whicher


I have worked with CiQ for over ten years. They have been excellent with clients that I referred to them for credit analysis and counseling. Most of the referred clients were later able to purchase or refinance their homes.

Carlyse Ford

Mortgage Loan Consultant

CiQ is HANDS DOWN the best in what they does! RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS!!!

Mauricio Mejia

Entrepreneur | Author | Public Speaker | Business Mentor

It's during those inopportune moments when things are not going that well that you see who can really help you with. In moments of stress, CiQ is just as personable, charming and success-oriented team as they normally are. CiQ has always had the perfect business sensibility: they combine a sincere focus on their customers' well being while retaining a firm grasp on the best technologies available to get the job done.

Scottie Sharpe


I have known the CiQ team since 2009. Their personality and character is what attracted me to do business with them. They are excellent in their field of work, they educates their clients on their best options in credit repair and they are well connected and leveraged to deliver a life changing result. Their passion and purpose is to serve and help others. Thank you CiQ for all you do.

Gus Srour


The CiQ is the best expert I know on the mysterious world of credit reporting

Mark Goodman

Company Partner

CiQ demonstrate the very best in the delivery of critical information and implementation of their analysis, process and recommendations. I have received extremely positive feedback concerning their service that is so important in these financial times.

Melvin J Honda

Financial Planner

I can not speak highly enough about the CiQ team. I have been practicing real estate in the Bay for over ten years and during that time I have referred over one hundred clients to CiQ. It is very difficult to recommend outside service providers to clients that you know and care about. The fact is that if anything goes wrong your reputation is on the line. I'm happy to say I have never had a client that was disappointed by CiQ, in fact, I get phone calls from clients almost every month thanking me for introducing them to CiQ. So, thank you for all your hard work CiQ, the team really deserve a hats off for all of their hard work. Please know that you are appreciated.

Cory Hill

Company DIrector

Whom it may concern, I was introduced to CiQ almost 10 years ago. As a Loan officer their expertise in credit scoring, credit management and repair was and is second to none. CiQ helped me understand how the scoring works what the key issues are etc in order to have good credit health. CiQ not only helped many of my custormers, but provided services for myself as well. Results were outstanding. They truly does under promise and over deliver. Great asset to us then as well as now.

Jonas Soder Eklund

Company Founder

The CiQ is a team with integrity, they are always willing to go out of their way to help people. For as long as I have known CiQ, they will do what is right regardless of the consequences. CiQ team works hard and gets results. They always makes sure that the work gets done and always gets it done right. I have known CiQ team for quite some time and I am honored to be able to write about them.

Armando Navas

Broker Associate

CiQ is an exceptional business professional team that is classy, honest and truly care about their clients. They are a true inspiration and a good example of what a business company should be. I have used and referred their company to many of my clients and they have been extremely satisfied. I highly recommend the CiQ team.

Donisia Marquis-Knight

Company President

CiQ's customer service and industry knowledge is second to none. Their product delivers a profound impact on their clients credit and provides them a medium to reach their financial goals.

Jason R. Bleier

Professional Realtor

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